No Regrets

The way you view your life matters. People tend to either look back on their past with a positive mindset or a negative one. Positive leads to more success, negative leads to more disappointment. Living with regrets continues to drive you toward the negative, but surrendering that regret and allowing God to redeem it feeds into the positive.

In my experience, I’ve never regretted listening to God. I’ve never regretted praying with someone. I’ve never regretted any amount of time spent in worship. I’ve never regretted opening my Bible to read a passage of scripture.
Live boldly. Be obedient. Living without regrets is a freeing and deeply reassuring way to live and to see God’s faithfulness over and over again.

Regret breeds doubt. If I had listened to God, would things have turned out differently? Or would it have turned out just as bad?

But when you walk in bold obedience, you don’t have to doubt and question saying, “what would have happened if I had just obeyed?”

“If they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would have had opportunity to return. Instead, they were longing for a better country—a heavenly one.” - Hebrews 11:15-16

This scripture comes from Hebrews 11, sometimes referred to as the Faith Hall of Fame. If you’re note familiar with it, go read it. It’s truly inspiring. 

The tagline in this passage is “by faith” and it lists person after person who was obedient to God and lived boldly by faith that God’s promises would be fulfilled. We find verses 15-16 right in the middle and they jump out to me every time. 

All of these people were able to be so bold and live with such strong faith because they had a heavenly perspective. They didn’t look at all the bad things in their life and brood over them. They longed for the things of heaven, recognizing that they were just foreigners here and their life had a bigger purpose than they could imagine!

What would happen if you viewed your life this way? Keep a heavenly perspective, have faith in God’s promises, and live in bold obedience today!

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